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Mexican cuisine is unique and amazing! Imagine, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, because it traces its history back to the ancient tribes of the Maya and Aztecs! Every region of the country has its own taste preferences. It depends not only on the geographical location of the territory, but also on who lived there in the past.
For example, in the heart of Mexico, you can taste dishes that were prepared by the Aztecs. Undoubtedly, if the true recipe remains, the cost of such a dish will be high. But Mexicans honor their history and if they cook a dish that is many years old, they use all the necessary ingredients and cooking processes.
In the northern part of Mexico, they prefer to eat beef, and they also raise special young goats, which are then roasted on a spit together with numerous spices. In the southeast, on the other hand, chicken is preferred, as well as spicy seasonings.


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What are the most popular Mexican dishes?
by Francesca Velez

Although Mexican cuisine is varied, outside the country only those dishes that are preferred by the so-called peasants or working class population are known. However, this does not make them any less delicious; on the contrary, it is not at all difficult to prepare something similar at home.

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How to
Mexican tacos
by Timmy Wilson

Tacos are a classic Mexican street food. Tacos are quick and easy to make, and their incredible flavor is impossible to resist. Tacos come in many flavors, so in this article we will teach you how to make the most common types of meat for your tacos. But don't relax - tacos are not FAST food, you have to work hard, but the taste is worth it!

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by Myrtle Wyatt

Mexican cuisine is known for its bright flavors, spices, and colorful colors. There are Mexican restaurants all over the world, including chain restaurants. If you are losing weight or just trying to eat only healthy foods, Mexican food can be part of your diet. Find out which Mexican dishes are right for you.


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