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How to choose healthy food at a Mexican restaurant

Give up chips and salsa or limit the amount of them. Mexican restaurants often serve free chips and salsa at the beginning, but these are all extra calories. A standard bowl of chips contains about four servings of corn chips, which is 700 calories. If you divide that by two people, that's 350 calories per person. Chips are often added to the bowl several times, resulting in extra calories piling up very quickly. Ask the waiter not to bring you chips and gravy. Choose dietary snacks. An appetizer is something you can eat while waiting for the main course. If you are watching your diet, you can give up snacks, but if you really want to order something, choose something dietary.
Many Mexican restaurants serve ceviche as an appetizer. This is a seafood dish that includes fresh fruit, citrus juices, and chili peppers. It has few calories, so this dish is good for you if you like seafood. Try ordering guacamole as an appetizer. Guacamole is often considered unhealthy because of its high fat content, but avocados are high in monounsaturated fats, which are a must in any diet. These fats are healthy and do not raise "harmful" cholesterol levels. Take care not to eat too much, as guacamole is very caloric. Share it with your friends. Order soup. Most Mexican restaurants have soup on the menu. This will be a healthier and lighter option for a snack Choose corn tortillas. If you order tacos or quesadillas, the waiter will probably ask you which tortillas you want. Choose corn tortillas because they have fewer calories. Corn tortillas are made from whole grain flour and have more fiber than wheat tortillas.

Corn tortillas are usually not as caloric as wheat tortillas. Two regular tortillas can have almost 300 calories, but corn tortillas have about 200. Choose sauces and side dishes with caution. Mexican dishes are often served with a wide variety of sauces. It is not uncommon to have a side dish as well. When choosing sauces and side dishes, look for less unhealthy foods. If a dish has sour cream in it (for example, for a burrito), replace the sour cream with salsa. Salsa is made with raw vegetables and spices, so it has few calories. Do not order fried foods. Foods in dishes such as stuffed chili peppers, chimichanga, gorditas, and taquitos are deep-fried, and this increases their calorie and fat content. If you are concerned about your health, it is better to avoid these dishes.
Choose healthy foods. Know which foods are least harmful to you. You can find dietary foods in Mexican cuisine.
Instead of fried foods, it is better to choose grilled foods. Enchiladas and fajitas are prepared with grilled meat. Fajitas usually include a lot of grilled vegetables, and you can always ask to put more in there.

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