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How to make Mexican tacos

Let's start with the tortilla. If you really want to make authentic Mexican tacos, you have to make your own tortillas (taco tortillas) from corn flour and water. Although it sounds like a harsh challenge, the process is actually quite simple. Mix cornmeal and some water, roll the dough into a tortilla and fry it in a pan.
Tortilla with wheat flour or corn flour? Tortilla made with wheat flour has a milder, slightly sweeter flavor. However, for a true Mexican taco, you should use a tortilla made with corn flour, and the main element of the dish will of course be the meat. Here again, it all depends on your tastes. Experiment with both types of flour and make your choice.
Taco, crispy or soft? Again, the choice is yours. It's easy to make tacos crispy by frying them in oil, but traditional Mexican recipes still call for tacos to be soft.
How many tortillas to wrap your tacos in: a bottom or two? Many Mexican restaurants serve tacos wrapped in 2 tortillas. That way the taco filling stays inside, and yesterday's tortillas will come in handy. If you're on a diet, however, you can use just one tortilla.
Regardless of how you make your tomatillo sauce (in the multicooker, oven or on the stove), the basic idea doesn't change: cook the tomatillo, onions, garlic and jalapeño peppers and then blend everything in a blender, adding some lemon or lime juice. A nice addition to any taco.

When it comes to tacos, choosing and cooking the meat is the most important step. The meat will either make your dish divine or ruin it (unless you are making vegetarian tacos). That's why in this article we're going to introduce you to a few options for preparing meat for tacos.
Fill your tacos with meat and add any topping you like. Your taco is almost ready if it consists of tortilla, meat, onion sauce, and tomatillo or pico de gallo sauce. But you can also make your taco more interesting by adding a little spice.
Prepare a side dish and you can enjoy the dish. Of the traditional garnishes, you can list radishes and lime slices. Pickled onions or other pickled vegetables, such as carrots, will look even better. Now your tacos are ready for your guests to look at.  

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