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What are the most popular Mexican dishes?

This typical Mexican dish is nothing more than a simple corn tortilla (depending on the region, the tortilla can be made with corn or wheat flour), which has been the food of the Mexican poor for centuries. Usually this tortilla is wrapped with a variety of fillings, resulting in different dishes: tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, etc.
An ancient Mexican dish that has been cooked in Mexico since before the Spanish arrived. Some tourists have dubbed tacos the "Mexican shawarma" dish. This dish is already familiar to us fried tortilla bread with stuffing. The filling can be beef, pork, chicken, seafood, beans, or vegetables.
Another popular Mexican dish. Similar to the tacos dish, fajitas is made up of a tortilla bread and various toppings (usually thinly sliced meat fried with vegetables), but unlike the taco, which is served with the filling, fajitas are served separately with tortillas and separately with toppings, so that everyone can choose their own toppings for their fajitas.
This is a very hearty dish that combines both a main dish and a side dish. The basis of frijoles is specially prepared beans of different varieties.

This dish will be appreciated by fans of cheese. To prepare Mexican quesadillas they use a corn tortilla which is folded in half and filled with cheese. The resulting envelope is then fried until the cheese is completely melted. Nowadays, quesadillas can be filled with different fillings (beef, pork, chicken and vegetables). This dish is good for someone who avoids spicy food.
Mexican Guacamole Sauce
A world-famous Mexican sauce whose roots go back to antiquity. Guacamole is believed to be of Aztec origin. The main ingredients of the sauce in its original version are avocado purée, lime, lemon, salt and finely chopped herbs. However, nowadays Guacamole sauce has many different recipes and ways of preparing it. It can be served as an appetizer and as a side dish.
Widely, if not world-famous Mexican sauce. Salsa sauce is a mixture of finely chopped vegetables: tomatoes, chili peppers, garlic, onions and various hot spices. Sometimes this sauce is served as a garnish to the main dish. I always recommend that you taste the salsa with the tip of a fork first.
A popular Mexican appetizer (though they can also be served as a stand-alone dish). Nachos are chips made from tortillas with different toppings.
Enchilada .
A familiar corn tortilla, in which the filling (usually meat) is wrapped. The rolled enchiladas are fried in a pan and then covered in chili sauce. By the way, "enchilada" literally translates to "seasoned with chili sauce" in Spanish. Tortillas covered in tomato sauce and chili, stuffed with vegetables, chicken or pork. The filling is wrapped in a tortilla, then baked. Despite the chili content, enchiladas are not particularly spicy because they are often served with sour cream.

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