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A little more history 

Thousands of kilometers of magnificent beaches along the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Mountain pastures and deserts in the north, followed by tropical forests in the south, extinguished volcanoes, stunning architectural monuments of ancient civilizations and picturesque towns with cheerful, friendly inhabitants.
Many familiar plants found practically all over the world (corn, cocoa, tomatoes, beans, avocados, and vanilla) were brought there from Mexico. Modern Mexican cuisine is closely related to pre-Hispanic Indian culture. In the early 16th century, the conquistadors destroyed the Aztec and Mayan states. But modern Mexicans try to cherish the cultural traditions of the great Indian state as an important part of their people's history. Modern Mexican cuisine preserves the traditions of Aztec and Mayan cooking.
In Mexico, there are many different varieties of chillies - experts have counted more than a hundred. They vary in spiciness, flavor, size, color and shape. Different varieties of chili peppers give Mexican dishes a spicy and specific flavor. It can be said that many dishes differ from each other precisely because of the flavor nuances of their constituent peppers. All traditional Mexican dishes are very spicy compared to European cuisine. In Mexico, there is even a special classification of the spiciness of different types of peppers from 1 to 120. Values over 20 are considered too spicy for Europeans. You should be especially careful with chili peppers.

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